Once you have created a template, you will likely have your image file on another computer, so how do you get the image from your Mac or PC to the photo booth kiosk tablet? 

There are a number of ways to "sneaker-net" your image file over to the kiosk. 

  1.  Email it: The easiest way, is to email it. We suggest creating a gmail account that you can use. Simply create and email and attach the file, email it to your email account. Then go to the photo booth kiosk, open the email account, download to your desktop and manage the file from there. 

2. Save to a drive: Another way is to save the image file to a thumb drive or portable disk. Then physically carry the disk over to the kiosk and plug it directly into one of the open ports on  the USB hub. From there, you can save the image file onto the desktop and manage the file from there.

3. Use AnyDesk to remotely transfer: We ship the photo booth kiosks with a remote program called AnyDesk. This can be used to remotely connect to the unit and manage it without being directly in front of the kiosk. AnyDesk also has a tool that will let you transfer files. Below are the steps: 

1. Open Anydesk on your Mac or PC and connect to the kiosk through the AnyDesk App using your unique ID on the kiosk. 

2. In the AnyDesk app on your Mac/PC, find the "lightening bolt" icon in the menu bar. After clicking the lightening bolt, choose FILE MANAGER in the drop down list. 

3. After you choos FILE MANAGER, a new windown will open up. 

  1. navigate to the image file you want to transfer in the left window
  2. navigate to the location that you want to save the file on the kiosk in the right window. (Desktop is a good place)
  3. Click UPLOAD above the left window 
  4. you should see the file appear in the right widow showing that the file transferred.