With the release of Windows 11, there have been a few Display Driver updates that can cause the live view to look frozen on your Photo Booth, even though it takes photos as normal. 

To remedy this issue, you should download and install the latest driver from Intel located on this page. You may download either the Zip or Exe file. Follow through the installation process as you would with any other software installation. Select 'Advanced' and then select 'Execute Clean Install' when prompted. Only download the top option (Iris Xe). 

Following the installation, the PC will reboot. Once Windows restarts, check that the live view is functional again. 

In order to prevent this occurrence in the future, you can stop this driver from updating in the future using a 3rd party tool. On the photobooth, download this tool

Follow these steps:

  • Start the tool and click 'next'
  • Select 'Hide Updates'
  • Select the Intel Display Driver that shows on your screen and select 'next'
  • Close tool when troubleshooter has completed