Note: This guide is for Illumin8 360 models purchased after July 25, 2021

Remove large thumb screw below: 

Pull pedestal upright to desired angle, then re-secure with thumb screw:

Secure Power Bank bracket, shown below:

Insert power bank so that velcro on bracket mates to velcro on power bank:

Device Mounting Options

Included is one mount each for: Tablet, Smart Phone or DSLR Camera. Each of these will slide into the top of the pedestal:

Below is example of attaching the Tablet Mount:

Find clamp and attach to middle section of pedestal:

Attach light tube by screwing it into the clamp:

 Plug light tube into power bank 12v output:

Secure any loose wiring using provided velcro straps:

Video Light

The Video Light attached to the top of the tablet or smartphone mount, or to the top of a DSLR camera. Below is the Video Light attached to the tablet mount. Secure with the hand screw

Use functions on the back of the Video Light to charge the device, turn it on/off and adjust brightness levels

For Software Tutorials

For TouchPix Software:

Capturing smooth video feed:

  • Ensure that Stabilization is enabled in the TouchPix App:

  • Spin from the bottom of the pedestal, as low as you are able to
  • Spin in a swift but even motion. Practice, it is all in the wrist
  • Spin when the app countdown has just reached 1 second. This will eliminate any initial jerk or bounce from being in the video