Issue: iPad not charging

Corrective Measures: Check that charging cable for iPad is plugged in at both sides: at the bottom of the iPad and at the iPad charger (plugged into the power strip). If this does not resolve the issue, you should consider swapping the charging cable and/or the iPad charger.

Issue: Ring-light white light not coming on with Dimmer control.

Corrective Measures: Ensure that the power brick for the dimmer light is plugged in at both ends: at power strip and into the ring light, as shown below:

Issue: Colored RGB lights are not coming on in either the Pedestal or the Ring Light

Corrective Measures:

  • Check the power going to the colored lights. 
    • Inside of the pedestal you will find two USB ports on the power strip. These may be dedicated ports built into the power strip, or they may be USB adapters plugged into the power strip. One of these powers the pedestal colored lights and the other powers the ring colored lights. Try reversing the cables plugged into these USB ports to determine if one of them is faulty.
    • If the issue is a USB port or adapter, the problem will move. For example if the Pedestal lights were not coming on but the colored lights in the ring were, the problem should reverse and the corrective measure will be to replace the faulty USB adapter or power strip if the ports are built into the strip. 
    • If you determine the issue is not a power supply problem, contact us for next steps.
  • NOTE: If you have the ring-light dimmer turned on for the white light, you will not be able to see the color lights in the ring. You should use either the dimmer or the colored lights in the ring.

Issue:  The colored lights in the ring or pedestal are coming on but you cannot change their color with the remote

Corrective Measures: 

  • Ensure you have removed the small plastic insulator at the bottom of the remote, shown below:
  • Try re-pairing the remote. To do this, disconnect power to the ring light for 5 seconds (unplug the ring light cable to the USB adapter), then plug it back in and hold speed+ and speed- buttons on the remote for 5 seconds. Disconnect the ring light power for 5 seconds again and then plug it back in. Test your remote.
  • Check the battery. The remote uses a CR2025. You may also try taking the battery out and putting it back in to ensure it is making good contact internally.