The Photo Party Upload Kiosk is a software your guests can interact with. Once you connect it to the Helper, the Kiosk will display a gallery of all media in the watched folder. The guests will choose their media and share through whatever sharing platforms you've activated in your event.

PPU Kiosk can do a lot, but again, we'll focus on the important stuff.

1. Download and Install

We have two versions of the Kiosk available: Windows and iPad. You can download both from links in the main Event Manager page, or you can download the iPad version from the iTunes store. Simply search for Photo Party Upload and you should find it.

Both versions are very similar, but if you have a choice we recommend you use the Windows version. The Windows Kiosk has many advantages including the ability to run on the same computer as the Helper, Windows tablets/computers can be hardwired to the network, and the Windows version will receive updates and bug fixes before the iPad Kiosk. Both work well though, so the choice is up to you!

Click HERE for iPad and Windows system requirements.

2. Connect to the Network and Disable Firewalls

Connect your Windows Kiosk computer or iPad to the same local network as your Helper PC. All Kiosks connect to the Helper over the local network, and you can connect as many Kiosks as your network can handle.

When installing Helper, firewall exceptions will be automatically added to Windows. However, any firewalls on the network will prevent the Kiosk from finding the Helper. Venues like hotels and convention centers will likely have firewalls on their networks, so you should not connect to them. We strongly suggest bringing your own hotspot our router to events.

Third party anti-virus software can also interfere by creating it's own firewall. If you have a third party anti-virus software like McAfee, make sure you disable it's firewall on the Helper PC.

3. Open Kiosk and Find the Helper

Open the Kiosk app in Windows or the iPad.

In the Windows version, press S on the keyboard or double click the antenna icon on the bottom right corner. Navigate to the PPU Helper tab and you should see a small loading bar under the PPU Helpers on Network dropdown while the software searches for the Helper.

Once it's done, you should see your Helper PC in the dropdown list:

Click OK.

In the iPad app, you should see a small popup box once you open PPU Kiosk:

Select use it and you should be connected to the Helper. You can open the settings of the iPad app by tapping open settings in the popup, or by doing a long tap on the antenna icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

4. Selecting and Sharing

Once you've connected the Kiosk to the Helper, you should see all the media in the watched folder appear on the screen.

When you see a lot of items on the screen you are in Library View. Click or tap a thumbnail to move into Slide View and see the thumbnails full screen. You can also move from Library View to Slide View by clicking or tapping the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. You'll only be able to edit photos or play videos and GIFs in Slide View.

Click or tap the Select button under the thumbnail of the media you want to share. You can select as many as you like. Any selected items will appear in the queue column on the right.

Once you've selected everything you want to share, click or tap the Done Selecting button at the top of the screen. You'll now be presented with the sharing options enabled in your event:

Select any option you like and follow the onscreen prompts.

When you've shared on all the platforms you want, click Done and the queue of selected items will clear. The next guest will be able to select and share right away!