If you are experiencing either freezing after the countdown or a message that the camera is disconnected:

  • Reseat the camera usb cable both where it plugs into the camera and the USB port on the PC or USB Hub
  • Go into PBU Settings and click the Camera tab. Click 'DSLR' and select 'Refresh'
    • See if your live view feed returns. Wiggle the USB cable at both ends to determine if the cable has been physically stressed or is faulty
  • If the steps above do not work:
    • ensure the camera itself is powering on. If not, check that the all connections are solid for the camera power supply
    • also check that the door on the bottom or side of the photo booth that the power adapter plugs into is completely closed. The camera will not operate if this door is not shut all the way
    • If the camera is turning on but no connection is being established, try plugged the camera usb cable into a different USB port
      • If this does not work, you should replace the camera usb cable. Avoid stretching the cable or stress where it plugs into the respective ports
  • If none of these steps help, contact HootBooth Support