All photos from an event are stored on the Curator Cloud. Data entered by guests is also stored. 

To view/download photos:

Browse to your dashboard on Curator Live and click 'View' next to the Event name as shown  below:

You will now see a gallery of photos from the Event.

Click on the download arrow next to 'Photos Taken'. This will download all photos as a zip file that you may send to your guests. You may also use the filter option to sort by photos from a particular day.

You may tie an individual's information to their photo in the event someone needs their photo re-sent at a later point.

To download the spreadsheet containing information input by guests, click on the download button next to 'New Contacts'. Your spreadsheet will now download.

Once the spreadsheet downloads you will see various columns corresponding to date, name, email, photo ID etc. Each image captured has a unique photo ID code that corresponds to the particular person who entered data prior to sending the photo, as shown below:

Find the person who needs their photo either by name, email address or phone number and take note of the unique photo ID number from the spreadsheet. 

Next, hover your mouse over ANY of the photos in the event gallery and click 'Share'. This will open a page that is hosting photos. Replace the last digits in the url with the photo ID number as shown below and press enter:

You will now be viewing the photo associated with that user and you can send it to them at that point.