Curator has the ability to capture user data such as name, email address, phone number and a custom field. You may also add terms that the user can agree to. These terms do not prevent the user from receiving their photo, it only records their decision to consent to your terms (such as agreeing that the information they provide can be used for future outreach).

Note: Agency Pro is required for Disclaimers/Surveys

In order to enable the Legal Disclaimer perform the following steps:

Create a New Event, or find your Event in the Dashboard and click 'Edit'

In the Event Details tab, scroll down to Add Survey Mode and select 'Yes' as shown below:

Once Survey Mode is enabled a new tab will show at the top, labeled Data Capture. Browse to the Data Capture tab as shown below: 

Here you will add your fields to capture guest data. Data Capture is in Beta Mode, as of now you should choose them in the following order:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email

Once your Event is saved and applied to the PixBooth2 App on your iPad, your guests will enter their information (some fields can be required or not depending on how you set them). They will still receive their photo if they agree to your terms or not. Their decision is recorded in the New Contacts spreadsheet, seen below:

The 'dnc' header records a 0 if they do not consent, and records a 1 if they do consent. After your event you may filter the spreadsheet in the dnc column based on a value of 1. This subset will be the users who consented to your terms.

For more information on viewing user data, view this guide