If you anticipate you will not have wireless connectivity at an event, you can setup your photo booth to automatically queue up digital delivery files (text, email, etc). Follow the steps below:

1) Create your Event on the Event Manager as you normally would

2) Click on 'Download Settings' towards the right side of your event

3) This will download your Event settings file to the photo booth. Pay attention where it downloads to, or move it to a place you can easily remember

4) Now right-click on your Helper Tool on the WIndows Task Bar (if using a touch screen, a long-press with your finger will simulate a right-click)

5) Click 'Events', then 'Import'

6) You will now browse to the Event Settings you saved above. This will import the Event Settings into PBU, without the need for wifi.

7) All sharing options during your Event will act and work as they normally would, except digital share options will build up in the queue. Once you have wifi again, you can double-click on the Helper Tool, browse to the 'Queue' tab, send all queued items at that time.

For in-depth video tutorials you may visit this link