The typical method of digital delivery is to have photos and GIFs sent directly to a user via text or email. However you can also choose to send a live link that hosts the photo or GIF. This allows for more brand-ability via the digital delivery. Guests can also share their photos or GIFs via text, email or social media directly from this Unique URL. An example of a Unique URL is shown below:

The main branding features that are easiest to customize are the background (wallpaper) and the header. Specs for these two assets are below.

  • Header Image specs are in the photo
  • Live Link to page
  • This is a tile background format.
  • Non-tile is also possible
    • Sizing depends on intended device being used.
    • 600px x 600px is most commonly used
    • 1920 x 1080 is recommended if anticipated viewing is on a PC
    • For mobile devices with tall and narrow screens, something like 600px wide x 900px tall is recommended
  • Sharing Options:
    • Download button is a smart button, and will only appear on devices that are capable of downloading the photo to device locally
    • Email sends the photo or the same unique url link (option appears when pressed)
    • Facebook and Twitter options will post link directly to a facebook or twitter page
    • Instagram prompts for email address, and emails person a format of the photo that Instagram will accept

An in-depth tutorial is available here

Instructions for using your own html can be found here