Getting Started - AR FX

Welcome to AR FX! An exciting feature where you can use Snap Camera to add cool Augmented Reality effects to your photos, GIFs, and videos.

This tutorial will get you started with the basics of AR FX so you can get started quickly.

Please note that AR FX currently only works with webcams.

1. Download Snap Camera

You'll need to download the Snap Camera app before you can use AR FX. Go to the page below, accept the user agreement, enter your email, and download the app:

2. Install and run Snap Camera

Install the app and run it. After you've set up Snap Camera in PBU, the Snap Camera app will start automatically with PBU if you have it enabled in PBU settings. But it'll have to be running before you use with PBU the first time.

3. Open PBU and set Camera

Open PBU and navigate to the camera tab in settings. Select Webcam, then select Snap Camera from the Video Device drop down.

Note: AR FX ONLY works with Webcam. It does not work with DSLR.

4. Set Up AR FX

Navigate to the AR FX tab of PBU settings an click Create New. This will bring up a window allowing you to search for and select AR FX from the Snap Camera app.

Find the one you like by either scrolling through the choices or typing in the search field., click it, rename it in the Name field (optional), and click OK.


Like our other activations, you can set AR FX to Auto Apply or User select. For this tutorial choose Auto Apply and click the Select button on your newly created AR Effect.


Click OK and click the Photo button. Your AR FX should be applied to your photo! Enjoy!

Other Features

Show Effect On/Off button

Enabling this feature adds a button that allows you to toggle the AR Effect on or off. You'll find it to the left of the image thumbnails after selecting your activation.

You can also click or tap the live view area on the main screen to activate or deactivate the AR Effect. Doing so will also trigger effects if included with that particular Snapchat Lens.

Show Effect Code

This feature will add the Snapchat Lens code to the image on the bottom right corner. That way your guests can scan the code with the Snapchat app and use the same one.

Note: It is currently only possible to show the Effect Code on the bottom right corner of the image.

User Select

AR FX will work like a filter in PBU. When capturing a photo/video/GIF you'll select the activation, then select the filter. AR FX works the same way.

Go to the Green Screen tab, change Green Screen Mode to User Select, and select a couple green screens. Then hit OK. If you have multiple AR FX selected, you'll pick one after selecting the green screen you want to use. Same goes for GIFs and videos!

Creating your own lenses

You can use Snapchat's Lens Studio software to create and publish your own lenses to use in PBU.  Note, that only 'popular' lenses are available via PBU and Snap Camera on the PC. For more information head to Snapchat's Lens Studio Page and Community.

SnapCam Exposure Settings: If you need to make changes to your webcam exposure, follow our guide here