You may install AnyDesk on your own PC or Mac. This will allow you to remote into your Photo Booth and set up your software and templates from your own computer, which makes things easier as you will have a mouse and keyboard, instead of resorting to the touch screen. 

On your own PC or Mac, Visit and click on 'Free Download for Personal Use'

After downloading AnyDesk, you can start the setup wizard.

  1. Run the setup file you have downloaded previously. A web version of AnyDesk will open. 
  2. Click on 'Install AnyDesk'
  3. Allow the full version to install. AnyDesk will now open
  4. Click on 'Set Password for unattended access...'
  5. Create a password

You will now open AnyDesk on both your HootBooth and your computer. To remote into your HootBooth, enter the numeric address shown on your HootBooth into AnyDesk on your Computer.