In order to enable text messaging for SparkBooth, you must create a Twilio phone number. Twilio charges a one-time fee for the phone number, and then $0.02 per text message. You should follow the steps below. For ease of use, we recommend performing these steps on a PC where you an access both your Twilio Account.. 

  • Visit 
  • Create an account. The first stage will ask you a few questions. You may select the options per the image below:

  • Once your account is created and you are logged in, you will need to Upgrade your account by clicking on the 'Upgrade' button at the top of the page. This is done by tying your account to either a Credit Card or your Paypal account. Allow Twilio to charge your card or paypal account $20 in order to make your account usable. Twilio will use this credit on your account to automatically charge for each text message. 
  • With your account upgraded, you will now need to purchase your phone number. Click on the '#' sign on the left side per the image below:

  • Select 'Buy a Number' and find a phone number you are happy with. It should allow for SMS and MMS.
  • You may now enter your Twilio information into the "Send to Guest' settings in SparkBooth