In the create an event form, under “Pixbooth Options,” users have the ability to “flip” images for each experience.

This setting only needs to be applied when a guest is holding a sign with text or has text in their photos.

Under each experience, users can select from three different “Image Flip” options:

  • None” – The photo will not be flipped at all
  • Flipped” – The photo AND the overlay will be flipped.
    • ex. If you have an overlay that looks like a wave and the person in the picture poses to act like they are surfing on a wave you would want to flip the image and the overlay so that the person does not look like they are surfing backwards.
  • Image Only” – Only the photo itself will be flipped, the overlay remains the same.
    • ex. If you have a person holding a sign in a photo with no overlay, or the overlay is symmetrical, then you would only need to flip the image itself, not including the overlay.