After the picture(s) are taken, the final processed image is displayed along with several options, including printing, sending the image via text or email, and ending the session.

  • If the picture is a boomerang, a slider with the individual frames will appear beneath the image.  Sliding the start and end selectors left and right will select only the frames between them for the final boomerang image.

  • The buttons below will appear depending on the options selected when setting up or editing the event in Curator.  For instance, the “PRINT” button will only appear when printing is enabled for the event.  The same applies for the “SMS” and “EMAIL” buttons when it comes to allowing images to be shared.


  • Tapping the “SMS” button will show a keypad for entering a phone number.  Use the digits to enter the number, then tap “SEND” to add the phone number to the picture for when it is sent to Curator for sharing.  Tap the “X” on the top right of the window to close the keypad without saving the input.


  1.  Tapping the “EMAIL” button will show a text field for entering an email  address.  Use the keyboard to enter the email address, then tap “SEND” to add the email address to the picture for when it is sent to Curator for sharing.  Tap the “X” on the top right  of the window to close the email promo without saving the input.

  • Tapping the “PRINT” button will have different behaviors depending on the  Curator event settings:

  1.  If AirPrint is enabled for the event, a dialog box will appear if it is the first picture session.  Find and select your printer in the list, and the image will be sent wirelessly to the AirPrint-enabled printer.  The printer will be saved when it is selected, so subsequent prints by users should occur automatically without the printer list appearing.
  2.  Otherwise, the picture will be sent off for printing, depending on the Curator settings.

  • Tapping the “DONE” button will send the picture to Curator for sharing, along with the phone numbers and email addresses associated with it.  The app will return to the attract screen as well.  Users should receive a text message or email with their image shortly if a connection to Curator can be made.

  • If auto-saving is enabled for the event, the pictures will also be saved to the device’s camera roll as a backup measure.  Ensure there is enough free space on the device before an event to store all of the pictures.