If you have been using an assortment of templates at a single event, you may find that some photos do not fit inside the templates correctly. Namely, photos are stretched or compressed. The guide below will describe how your templates should be set up so that photos fill in correctly.

DSLR cameras by default shoot photos in a 3:2 aspect ratio. Because of this we recommend using photo holders with a 3:2 aspect ratio. However if you prefer a different style aspect ratio, you should assign your various photo holders as either crop, center or stretch. 

Before you begin, browse to your Camera tab in PBU, and ensure that 'Keep Aspect Ratio' is set to disabled. If you have the camera set to a definite aspect ratio, you will run into issues when trying to use various photo orientations. Instead, disable this option and make adjustments to the photo holders. You will only need to adjust the camera aspect ratio when doing Green Screen Video.

There are 3 main types of photo holders you may use when setting up your Templates/Page Layout:

  • Landscape (Wide - 3:2 aspect ratio) - Set photo holder Stretch Mode to stretch
  • Portrait (Tall - 2:3 aspect ratio)       - Set photo holder Stretch Mode to crop
  • Square (1:1 aspect ratio)       - Set photo holder Stretch Mode to crop

In order to assign the Stretch Mode:

  • Create a new Page Layout or open an existing Page Layout at the bottom of the screen by double-clicking it
  • In the Photo Holders menu section, right-click on the photo holder you wish to modify and press 'edit'

  • The window below will appear. Set 'Stretch Mode' accordingly, per the guide-lines above, and click on OK. 

  • Do this for all photo holders in your template