If you find that the Sharing options you enabled are not populating once a photo session is complete, check the following:

  • You have the correct Event selected in the PPU/Helper tab in PBU. 
  • Your Event was created correctly in the Event Manager, and the date has not already passed
  • You are connected to wifi, and there are no firewalls enabled on the PC or the Network
  • Ensure you have not disabled sharing options in the Preferences tab of PBU

If Event(s) are not showing in the Event drop-down menu when you are in the PPU/Helper tab, it is likely due to one of the following:

1. Your Helper tool is not running, or not logged in. You should find the Helper Tool running at the bottom of your task bar, as pictured below (the black camera logo). A green check-mark indicates you are logged in:

  • If the Helper is not running, double-click the Photo Party Upload Helper icon on your desktop
    • Verify it is now running as seen in the picture above. 
    • Log into your PPU Account
    • Ensure 'Autostart' is selected
    • Ensure that the Helper Tool is up to date

2. The date you selected when you created your Event has already passed

  • Copy your existing Event and correct the date to the current date or a future date. Save as a new Event.
    • Open PBU, browse to the PPU/Helper tab and select 'Refresh Events'
    • Now ensure that your Events are showing up correctly