If you find that your printer is not showing up in Devices and Printers check the following:

  • Ensure your printer power is plugged in to a live outlet, and the printer is powered on
  • Ensure your USB cable coming from the PC/Hub to the Printer is connected. If necessary, try a different USB cable
  • Check for any error lights on the printer

If you find that your printer shows up as an unrecognized device in Devices and Printers

  • Check all of the components above
  • Simply try turning the printer off and back on
  • Ensure that Windows Updates are NOT disabled, as this can cause handshake issues between the Printer and the PC
  • Uninstall the Sinfonia drivers in Windows, and then re-install the drivers from this site

Sinfonia Support can also be reached at:

Phone: 732-271-7328

Email: supporttech@sinfoniaphoto.com