As of April 2018, Instagram has made some unannounced changes to their API. BYO Booth should be updated in order to work with the changes. Please note, Instagram has reduced its rate limit so downloads will be a bit slower. They have also removed the profile photo from its API results. Be sure to update BYO Booth and confirm that your 1 year of updates is still valid before updating.

Ensure BYOBooth is up to date, your Windows Firewalls are disabled and you are not running any AntiVirus Software. 

One restriction imposed by the new Instagram API is that you can only upload from one Instagram account at a time. This means that if you are running multiple instances of BYOBooth simultaneously (meaning you are running two or more of our Hashtag Printers at once) you will need to use a different Instagram account for each one, otherwise you will get errors.