Curator Print Server Guide

What You Need

  • Any PC or Mac computer
  • Pixbooth2 iOS app for iPad
  • The Curator Wireless Print Server


  1. Install the Printer Drivers are on your Mac or PC. Sinfonia drivers are located here
  2. Install Curator Wireless Print Server for Mac or Windows onto your computer: Mac Install -  Windows Install
  3. Once installed, double-click the Curator Wireless Print Server App to open.
  4. Once the print server is installed, you will need to select the desired photo printer from the drop-down selector.
  5. The default server name will be Curator Print Server. Select as default and feel free to adjust the print server name to your choice.
  6. Connect the app and printer to the same wifi network connection.
  7. You may need to disable your Windows Firewall - view our guide here.

On the App

  1. Make sure the app and printer are set to the same wifi.
  2. Log into the app and connect to the printer from the menu screen. Tap the ‘Printers’ button and select ‘Curator Print Server’.
  3. You’ll know it’s connected when it says ‘success’. Click ‘ok’.
  4. Run your event.
  5. If you need to reconnect during the event, tap the upper right hand corner to open the hidden menu. Select ‘Printers’. You’ll know you’re reconnected when it says ‘success’. Click ‘ok’.

Kiosk Mode (Kiosk mode allows external users to choose and print photos.)

  1. You can enable Kiosk Mode by clicking on the “Kiosk Mode” button at the bottom of the print server. * you will need to have a minimum of 1 image taken for Kiosk Mode to run.
  2. Once you start Kiosk mode you will need to set the Maximum number of prints that you will want the guest to print.
  3.  Close out of kiosk mode, press alt+c (option+c on Mac) to exit.



When changing printer properties, Curator Wireless Print Server may ask for a username/password. Enter your Mac username/password.