The following steps will walk you through setting up SloMo in SocialBooth. 

  • First, ensure that your version of SocialBooth is up-to-date per the image below
    • Open SocialBooth
    • Click on the 'Registration' tab
    • Click 'Download Update'
    • If an update is available, you will be prompted to download the latest instructional. Allow the program to close when prompted.
    • Once the update is finished downloading, simply follow the prompts by clicking 'next' when prompted. The update will install and SocialBooth will then be on the current version.

  • Next, you need to configure your Canon DSLR. Refer to the screenshots below:
    • Disconnect USB cable from side of camera
    • Flip the on switch over to Video mode as shown (the option above 'on' that looks like a video recorder)

    • You will now see the live view appear on the camera. Press the 'Q' button outlined in orange below
    • After pressing the 'Q' button, you will be given the option to set the video mode, as shown below. Using the 4 buttons on the right (outside of the 'Set' button) you should scroll down to the 'HD' button on the left, and then scroll right to the 'HD 59.94P' button on the bottom. Once you've done this, press the 'Set' button on the right side to lock in the settings.

  • You should now set the switch on top of the camera back to 'On', and reconnect the USB cable. 

The last Step is configuring Slo-Mo in SocialBooth, as shown below:

  • Open SocialBooth
  • Click on the 'Video' tab
  • Select 'Enable Video' option
  • Ensure 'DSLR' is selected
  • Set your recording time in seconds
  • At the bottom, select 'Enable Slomo' and set your speed


  • Slomo will not record audio, only video. For normal video recording, SocialBooth will record the video through the DSLR microphone, which will be a lower-quality sound. You may add a USB microphone, such as the Blue Snowball Mic for high quality sound.