In Photo Booth Upload (PBU) all camera settings are controlled via the Software. You may follow the steps below for configuring your Canon DSLR:

1. On the Main Screen of PBU, Press S on your keyboard or triple click the bottom right corner of the screen to open Settings.

2. You should now see the Preferences tab of PBU Settings. At the top, click the tab second from left to open Camera Settings.

3. You are now in the Camera Settings menu

4. Click the DSLR button to display the options for your DSLR camera.

    Note: Your DSLR must be connected to the PC via USB, powered on, and set to Manual mode. If everything is set properly and you see "DSLR Camera not detected," press the Refresh button.

This is what you see at the bottom once you click the DSLR button:

5. The most important button in this section is the DSLR Settings button at the top center. Click it and a small window should appear:

  • This window will allow you to adjust settings for Shutter Speed (Tv), Aperture (Av), ISO, and White Balance (WB). 
  • Adjust some settings in Live view / Video and press OK. You should see those changes reflected in the preview on the right.
  • Click the DSLR Settings button again and select Photo in the pop up window. You'll see some new buttons, but the exposure options are the same.
  • You'll need to make adjustments to BOTH Live view and Photo. This is because the camera flash (if so equipped) will significantly change the lighting in the image and your settings will have to be different to compensate.
  • Make some adjustments and click the Preview Photo Settings button to have the DSLR take a photo and display it in the preview window for a few seconds.
  • Once you're satisfied with the way your images look, hit OK on the bottom of the screen to save your settings.