If you need to create custom background UI screens for SocialBooth, you may create very basic ones using Microsoft Paint following the steps below:

1) Open Microsoft Paint as shown below

2) Resize the template to the proper size. 

    - Click 'Resize'

    - Select 'Pixels'

    - Unselect 'Maintain aspect ratio'

    - Enter '1920' for the Horizontal value and '1080' for the Vertical value

    - Click OK

    - The canvas size is now set to the appropriate size for SocialBooth backgrounds

3) Create Image

    - Fill in desired background color using bucket tool outlined below

    - Fill in desired text using ABC selection shown below

    - Images can be added by copying and pasting existing image into Canvas, then moving/resizing as needed

4) Save image once completed

    - Click 'File' at top right

    - Click 'Save As'

    - Browse to location you want to save file

    - Give file the appropriate name

    - Select '.png' as file type (very important)

    - Click 'Save' at bottom