The following is a compilation of frequently encountered User Errors and observations:

  • Windows Firewall is not turned off (or has turned back on after an update).
  • If venue wifi has a Firewall, use a hotspot. Otherwise suggest using Connectify 2016 version.
  • Chromakey threshold is set too high in Green Screen tab (erasing all of the image). Need to be set for Live View and Photo.
  • Warning buttons in PBU. Will say if Helper isn’t running, or if K-lite video codec needs installation.
  • Images stop transferring to PPU iPad app. User should remove earliest photos to leave fewer than approx. 200 files in Watched folder
  • Canon DSLR must be set to Manual mode
  • GIFs must be under 8MB to post to FB & won’t play in albums (Wall only), and must be saved as a video file to post to Instagram.