If you find that your emails are not sending or intermittently sending, check the known causes below:

  • Windows Firewall is Enabled. Be sure to turn it completely off. You may View this link for instructions
  • The specific 'From Address' you used when setting up the Email Share option. Some examples of emails that do not work are @yahoo.com, @aol.com and sometimes @gmail.com. Try using an alternate email account instead
  • Insufficient wifi speed or connectivity. A weak signal or low bandwidth on wifi or 4G/LTE can cause emails to not send, be delayed or send intermittently
  • Insufficient Network Privileges. If using wifi at a hotel, convention center, etc - the establishment may have protocols in place on their network that prevent unauthorized software from sending/receiving
  • Proper access not allowed when using SMTP. For example, gmail requires that you 'allow access to less secure apps'. If using Gmail, you may view this link for instructions. Other email providers may have similar requirements
  • Check the Queue
    • Double-click on the Helper Tool that runs in the Windows Quick Access menu
      • A window will open, click on the 'Queue Status' tab
        • If items are building up in the Queue, click on 'Resend suspended' to