You may view the Tutorial Videos below for a step-by-step on creating GIFs. 

GIF Sizes when using 1800 x 1200 GS

    Large - 1200 x 800

    Medium - 600 x 400

    Small - 300 x 200

Please Note: The small, medium, and large sizes for GIF will not affect printing if using the Print Full Size option in the settings of your event.

Burst GIF files: 1800 x 1200. If you experience lag using this resolution, smaller Burst GIF files are good for improving the Burst capture rate. Depending on the frames and computer power, 900 x 600 is decent and can create good prints at 150 dpi.

Default Burst GIF graphics are 720x480 to reduce size of the install package. But it is not a great size for printing. Higher res graphics are available upon request from LA Photo Party.

View the video below for basic GIF creation:

View the video below for advanced GIF creation: