The following video will walk you through creating layouts in PBU:

OR, you may view this page for further detail on using PBU Page Designer.

NOTE: Attached are 3 generic blank templates you may modify for your use (Landscape, Portrait and Photo Strip) Follow the steps below to modify or use these in PBU:

  1. Save attachment to any location on your Photo Booth
  2. Right Click on the file and click 'edit'. The file will open in MS Paint
  3. Using Paint, you may add text, images etc. 
  4. When you're happy with the layout you've created, click 'File' on the top left and select 'Save As'. Give the file a new name and save as 'jpeg' format.
  5. This layout may now be applied as a background in your PBU Page Designer, per the video above. Simply add the Photo Holders where you want them to finalize your Template Layout. We recommend using a mouse to get your photo holders lined up and all the same size.
  6. Note: This will only work for Backgrounds in the Page Designer. Overlays must be created using Adobe Photoshop, a .png format and with transparency.

Sizing Guide:

  • 6x4 Landscape - 1800px wide x 1200px tall
  • 4x6 Portrait - 1200px wide x 1800px tall
  • 2x6 Photo Strip - 1800px tall x 600px wide
  • Background files should be saved as .jpg
  • Overlay files should be saved as .png w/transparent layer

Template Background/Overlay Creation:

  • There are two main ways to create the graphics you will load into PBU
    • Adobe Photoshop (for advanced users)
    • A template creation app such as Paddee
      • Paddee is a template creation tool where you can Purchase existing templates or design your own. Use the Sizing Guide above to understand what size and format is required
      • View our guide here

NOTE: If you are having trouble getting the photos you capture to correctly fit inside your template (the images are stretching or compressing) then please follow this guide