The guide below will show you the proper settings for your ABR800 Ring flash on EventPro models:

  • Issue: Flash not firing when photo is taken
    • Corrective measure: Ensure Sync cable is plugged in from top of camera into Sync input on flash and sync cable is not faulty
    • Corrective measure: Ensure the hotshoe adapter on the DSLR is secure/not faulty
    • Corrective measure: Ensure that the two flash bulbs are not defective
    • Corrective measure: Ensure red power switch is turned on at bottom of flash
    • Corrective measure: Ensure power cable is plugged into flash and power strip is turned on

  • Issue: Images are very dark
    • Corrective measure: If using SocialBooth, ensure that 'using external flash' is checked in 'General' settings tab
    • Corrective measure: Ensure that ISO on DSLR is set high enough and/or that the Aperture (AV Value) is set low enough (this opens the Aperture wider) 
    • Corrective measure: Ensure the lens cap is removed from the lens

  • Issue: Ambient/model lighting is suddenly darker
    • Corrective measure: Check that the model lamps are not defective. This consist of two circuits with 4 lamps on each circuit. When one burns out, the other 3 on that same circuit will not work. 
    • Corrective measure: Check that 'Tracking' is disabled at the top of the flash

  • Issue: Model lamps are not coming on
    • Corrective measure: Check that the model lamps are turned on (look at back of flash and check that the white button is pressed in). Refer to photo below.
    • Corrective measure: With Flash powered OFF, check that all 8 model lamps are fully inserted. Wear gloves as the oil from you hand will cause the bulbs to get too hot and burn out prematurely. Reseat all 8 bulbs. Refer to photo below
    • Note: The eight model lamps are on two circuits. Four lamps are on one, and four are on another. If one bulb goes out, 4 of the 8 lamps will not come on. If two lamps burn out and are each on a separate circuit, none of the bulbs will come on. You may have luck re-arranging the bulbs until you can procure new ones.
      • Move the Reflector Lock to 'unlock'
      • Turn the translucent cover on the front of the flash counter-clockwise. It will come off. You will now have access to the bulbs.

If these steps do not resolve issues with power/lights not coming on then contact the manufacturer for support. Call : 1.800.443.5542 and ask for technical support. Let them know you have the model ABR800. 

NOTE: Replacement Ring Flash parts may be purchased at this link