Prior to shipping any model, we bring Windows completely up to date and do a full QA check on all functionality. We then disable Windows Updates for the following reasons:

1) Most importantly, the last major Windows update ("Anniversary Update") wreaked havoc on the functions needed in virtually all photo booths and it caused a lot of users to have difficulties during an event (to name a few - webcams quit working, wifi quit working, some PCs were even bricked and required a reinstall of the OS).  Windows has now rolled out another major update ("Creators Update"), and reported problems are already coming out. It generally takes Windows a few months to iron out the issues any major update creates, so we ask that you update Windows with caution following any major Update release.  You may follow these steps to enable/disable Windows Updates

2) Windows often updates in the evening hours, and can force a PC to shut down to do so. This happens often during an event and you are left waiting until it has completed, sometimes for very long periods. You may however set a schedule for Windows Updates to prevent this - of course considering point #1 above. You may follow these steps to set an Update schedule