In order to send emails from your HootBooth Photo Booth, you'll need to set up your SendGrid account. You can set up a free account allowing for 12,000 emails/month. 

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit 

Step 2: Select "Free 12K $0.00/mo" from the drop-down menu. Create username and password as shown below.

Step 3: Click "Create Account" and fill out information on next page

Step 4: Once you've input all of the account information, you will receive a confirmation email. Open email and follow link.

Step 5: Your SendGrid account is now set up. Note: There may be a 24 hour delay as SendGrid provisions your account to ensure you are not a bot.

Step 6: Enter your username and password into your photobooth software. See our tutorials below for more information:

    Click here if using SparkBooth   

    Click here if using SocialBooth