Question: Why does my camera continue to disconnect in Social Booth?

Answer: There are 3 main reasons a camera will show as disconnected in Social Booth:


1.) Incorrect camera Settings on DSLR models

    • Ensure that your DSLR camera's 'Auto-off' feature is disabled in the camera menu.

    2.) Faulty USB cable

    • Ensure that the USB cable coming from the camera into the PC or USB hub is not faulty. 
    • Disconnect and reconnect USB cable.
    • Swap with a new cable.

    3.) Faulty USB Hub

    • Ensure that the USB hub is functioning correctly. 
    • Try swapping ports of USB devices connected to the hub to see if the problem moves. 
    • Ensure that the hub is getting power. 

    Please also see video below for proper DSLR camera settings: