Find Spin-Arm and two thumb screws as shown below:

Slide Lower Bracket into opening below platform. Secure with thumb screws:

Find Power Bank bracket and two thumb screws:

Attach Power Bank bracket to Spin-Arm and secure with two thumb screws (set to desired angle):

Find Mount Arm:

Slide Mount-Arm into Power Bank Bracket and attach with single thumb screw:

Find Device Multi-Adapter and screw onto top of Mount-Arm:

Insert Light Saber (if equipped) into opening in front of Mount-Arm. Secure tightly.

Device Mounting Options

Included is one mount each for: Tablet, Smart Phone or DSLR Camera. Each of these will slide into the Multi-Adapter

Below is example of attaching the Tablet Mount:

Use the Extender Adjustments to set desired height on Tablet or Smartphone:



Battery Pack

Insert Battery Pack into bottom, secure using velcro straps. Plug connector into 12 volt output:

Note: Battery Pack model is subject to change based on availability

Connect Wire for Light Saber


Use the dimmer knob to adjust brightness of the Light Saber


Secure any loose wires with provided velcro straps

Video Light

The Video Light attached to the top of the tablet or smartphone mount, or to the top of a DSLR camera. Below is the Video Light attached to the tablet mount. Secure with the hand screw

Use functions on the back of the Video Light to charge the device, turn it on/off and adjust brightness levels

For Software Tutorials

For TouchPix Software: