You may follow the steps below if you are adding a foot pedal to your DSLR booth:

  • Plug the foot pedal into any open USB port on the photo booth. Allow Windows to recognize the device. Once complete, you will see it appear as 'USB Composite Device' in Devices and Printer, shown below:

  • You will now download the Foot Switch program from this link. Follow the prompts to install the software. Once completed, you will find the icon in the Start Menu and the Desktop:

  • Open the program. It will recognize the foot pedal, shown below:

  • Browse to the 'Mouse' tab on the right side and enable 'Right Mouse Button'. Once selected, you will press 'Save to key' to save this preference to the foot pedal. With this preference saved, you can simply plug the pedal into any photo booth or device and it will now simulate the right mouse button.

In Photo Booth Upload:

  • Go into the back-end settings. In the preferences tab enable 'Mouse with countdown' as  your trigger option. 

  • Browse to the Misc tab and on the bottom left select 'Enable Foot Pedal Mode'

Note: With this configuration, the user will press the 'Photo' button on the screen, and then step on the foot pedal when they are ready to begin the count-down. In order to trigger the photo instantly, change the trigger type to simply 'Mouse'. Be aware that if you are offering multiple templates ('User-select'), the user will still need to select their template with the touch screen. The pedal is only for triggering either the count-down or the shutter.