In order to setup your Wireless Print Server (AirCastPro module) you will need the following:

  • AirCastPro module
  • iPad
  • Dye-Sublimation Printer (Sinfonia CS2 if purchased through HootBooth Photo Booth)
    • Watch our video to ensure you have loaded your media (paper and ribbon) correctly before-hand

On your AirCastPro and Printer:

  1. Power on your AirCastPro module by plugging the module into the provided power supply
  2. Connect your printer to the AirCastPro module using the USB cable. Allow a minute to pass for the AirCastPro module to initialize and recognize your printer

On your iPad:

View our high-level setup video hereFollow the steps below for further detail.

Connecting to AirCastPro:

  • First, ensure your iPad is on the latest version of iOS. If not, you should update it before proceeding.
  • Go to iOS settings and browse to your wireless options. Look for 'AirCastPro' and select as your wifi network. When asked, the password is 'aircastpro'. 
  • Once connected, open the Safari browser and open a Private Browsing tab. 
  • Browse to aircastpro.local
  • Once the page loads, you will be prompted to register your AirCastPro. Simply enter your name and email address. 
  • You will now see the main landing page as shown below:

Connecting to Wifi:

  • Next to 'Wifi' on the top left it will say 'No Connection'. Click the small box to the right of Wifi, select your wireless network and enter your password.

  • You will now need to restart the AirCastPro to save the wireless settings. To restart the AirCastPro, click 'Power Controls' on the bottom right and select 'Restart'

  • Once the AirCastPro has successfully restarted the landing page will re-load, and you will see an IP address next to the Wifi field.

Configuring your Printer:

  • Click 'Add'
  • You will see your Sinfonia pre-populate. Select the printer (Sinfonia-chcs6145) and click continue. You will be prompted to give the printer a particular name. If using Curator, you will want to add a total of 3 printer instances, named the following:
    • 4x6 Full Page
    • 2x6 Photo Strip
    • Photo Strip Gallery Reprint

  • Once the three printer instances are added, you may highlight a printer name, then click 'edit' to customize print size. 
  • You should set the print size on each printer instance as follows:
    • 4x6 Full Page - set print size to 4x6
    • 2x6 Photo Strip - set print size to 6x2 2
    • Photo Strip Gallery Reprint - set print size to 2x6. 
  • Below are examples of each:

4x6 Full Page printer settings:

2x6 Photo Strip printer settings:

    Note: 'Bypass Imaging Engine' or 'Bypass HEIPr Engine' should be checked for photo strips

Photo Strip Gallery Reprint printer settings:

 Note: 'Bypass Imaging Engine' or 'Bypass HEIPr Engine' should be checked for photo strips

In Curator App:

  • Once you have taken your photo(s) and pressed the 'Print' button, a dialogue box will open. The Printer instances you have added will show up

  • Select the appropriate printer based on which experience you are printing, full page or photo strip. 
  • If you are reprinting a photo strip from the Curator Gallery experience, you should select the Photo Strip Gallery Reprint option. 
  • If you are reprinting a Full Page 4x6 from the gallery, you can simply use the Full Page 4x6 option.


  • Issue: After taking photos and pressing 'print', 'printing' message shows on screen but nothing prints
    • Resolution: Ensure that you have selected 'Airprint' as your print server in Curator and NOT Curator Wireless Print Server
    • Alternate Resolution: If unit is still not printing with Airprint selected, ensure that your iPad is still connected to the AirCastPro and not your personal or business network

  • Issue: AirCastPro is frequently disconnecting from venue/personal/business wireless network
    • Resolution: If your AirCastPro is located too far from the main network router, you should consider purchasing a hotspot device (such as a Verizon Jetpack) to use as your network instead. This will prevent any issues caused by long distances to the network router.
  • Issue: Prints do not look the way your Experience is setup on CuratorLive
    • Resolution: Check your Image Dimension size for each experience
    • If printing Single Photo Experience, your Image Dimension should be set to '4x6 print'
    • If printing Photo Layout Experience, leave the Image Dimension set to the default '4x3 iPad'. The software will automatically configure this setting for you
    • Be sure to close and re-open the PixBooth2 app or Curator Live app and then redownload your event to apply any changes you have made to your Event

Software Updates:

Software updates to the AirCastPro will be made available when bugs are discovered, to add new functionality or to keep in line with iOS updates. You will be prompted to update the software from the landing page. As a rule of thumb, it is best policy to NOT update the day of an event. Updates should be performed a couple of days before your next event so that you have time to resolve should an update fail.

You will be notified when an update is available on the AirCastPro landing page (aircastpro.local), shown below:

With the AirCastPro connected to a wireless network, press the update button, and follow the prompts. 

Once the update has downloaded and installed, the AirCastPro module will restart itself. Once the landing page re-loaded, you should delete and re-add your printer instances. 

Lastly, restart the AirCastPro again (click Power Controls at the bottom right, and press restart). 

Your AirCastPro will now be updated and ready for testing