If you have created Burst Mode GIFs, or are using Burst Mode GIFs that came with PBU (Tobaggan, Snow Globe and Color Trails) you may find that the Green Screen place holder you positioned on the screen reverts back to the default settings when you start recording. This happens because the Burst Mode GIFs are comprised of many backgrounds, which all need to be set. Fortunately there is an easy way to apply this change to all backgrounds with one click. We will use the SnowGlobe GIF as an example

  • Open the Green Screen tab
  • Browse to the SnowGlobe Burst folder at the bottom, click to open
  • You will now see every frame the GIF is composed of. Right Click on the first frame, and select 'edit' (if using a touch screen, press and hold your finger on the screen to simulate a right click)
  • Use the green dot on the screen to adjust the sizing and position of the green screen place holder. Click OK when done.
  • Now Right Click on the first background again, and select 'Set All'
  • When prompted 'Are you sure?' click yes
  • Now these changes will be applied to all of the backgrounds for this Burst GIF