You may review the possible reasons below that prints are not being produced if you are using the Air Cast Pro module for AirPrint printing.

Ensure the iPad is connected to the AirCastPro network, not your local network:

Ensure that your Event on is set to AirPrint and not Curator Wireless Print Server. This is located at the bottom of the 'Sharing Screen' tab in your event

Try deleting and re-adding printers on aircastpro.local. Select the printer, then click 'Remove'. Once removed click 'Add' to re-create the printer instance(s). Full steps are located here

Ensure printer is always plugged into same USB port on AirCastPro module. If you plug it into a different port, you will need to delete and re-add the printer instance(s) on the AirCastPro landing page at aircastpro.local

Ensure printer media is loaded correctly and printer is all the way closed. You may review our video for properly loading printer media here